Printed Scarves

The scarves are created from silk or bamboo fabric that I dye and screen print. I use deconstructed screen printing techniques that create organic images by layering colors and textures until you can’t tell where one begins and another ends.

Dyed Scarves

The scarves are dyed silk, cotton, or rayon using a low immersion technique with fiber reactive dyes.

Silk Marbled Ornaments

The ornaments are made of silk stretched over a thin metal frame. I marble them multiple times in various colors and designs. They come in diamond or circular shapes.

Matted Wallhangings

These pieces are created in a similar fashion to the full sized wall hangings. I start with a photograph that I have taken of a natural scene that caught my heart. I translate each part of the image to pieces of my fabric - fabric that I have dyed, printed, marbled or created with any combination of those techniques. I lay together the cut out pieces until a new image appears that echoes the original photograph. Next, I assemble the puzzle using the thread and stitch that best melds each new piece to the whole. Most of the acid free mats are 11 by 14 in white or black.

Note Cards

The note cards are created using images from some of our favorite wall hangings.

Dyed and Printed Bookmarks

The bookmarks are sewn from the same fabrics that are used in our wall hangings.